Our Legacy

Willy JensenIntroducing Willy… my dad and founder of Jensen Tire.
To so many, Willy was not only the founder of Jensen Tire, he was a family man, a visionary, a service guru and a salesman who dedicated years to building a business of which he and his family could be proud.
To me, he will always just be dad. The person I looked up to my whole life and even now, years after his passing, the person whose opinion still matters the most. My dad led by example and taught me the value of hard work and committing to a dream.
My dad founded Jensen Tire in 1985 from our home in Burlington but he had bigger aspirations and it didn’t take long before he opened his very own shop in Oakville, Ontario. I remember that day… he was so proud and wanted to share his dream with all of us… his family.
Once his dream was realized, my dad worked tirelessly to earn the respect and trust of every single customer that walked in his door. He had a vision to create a business that delivered ONLY the best products by the best team in the industry and he never stopped looking for ways to improve.
Family was everything to Willy and he was everything to us! He wanted all of his five children to be involved in the business and I was so pleased to have been able to work alongside my dad and learn every aspect of the business from him until his passing on September 25, 2004.
Today I am honoured to continue my dad’s legacy of excellence and know that he’d be proud of what we continue to build together as a family.
Thank you for taking a minute to read more about the man whose vision I work diligently to uphold every single day and for being a part of Willy’s legacy and extended family. It means the world to us.


Connie Jensen